The Ireland group – for those who love and for those who don’t, have visited or live in the Emerald Isle.


  • timbuckley

    The Rowan berries blushed by timbuckley

    The rowan berries blushed
    As she passed quietly by
    Beside the mountain stage
    Beneath the grey mackerel sky
    Her hair was a flaming rusty red
    Her face all freckles and smiles
    She traveled the road of th…

    333 words
  • timbuckley

    Loves mysteries by timbuckley

    When I walk alone
    your with me
    ‘Though I’ve tried
    to banish you
    From my mind
    Still your presence
    comforts me
    When in the barren
    beauty I find
    The lonesome tree
    Amongst the stones
    Shaped by wind and se…

    222 words
  • timbuckley

    In vino veritas by timbuckley

    I whispered it, I said it
    I felt it and I hid it
    Unintended it emerged
    Like wings from a chrysalis
    Emerging on green grass
    How true the Latin phrase
    in vino veritas .…

    I drank you in silence
    Reluctant t

    167 words
  • timbuckley

    A roving we'll go by timbuckley

    Oh! a roving a roving
    a roving we’ll go
    like a wild fairy wind
    we’ll blow we’ll blow
    ‘til on a moss carpet
    by a light sparkling stream
    our kisses will meet
    like the fairs of our dream.
    My tinker love lis…

    404 words
  • grrrreer

    The Holylands by grrrreer

    Between the drunken lads sprawled on mattresses in the street…
    weaves God.

    105 words
  • timbuckley

    What manacles the mind. by timbuckley

    What manacles the mind
    prevents me to explore
    The perfumes of your presence
    Behind the minds half-door
    Secret glances we steal, are
    gifts unopened wrapped for me
    Beneath the laden branches
    Of your tinse…

    157 words
  • timbuckley

    The fisherman's wife waits for word. by timbuckley

    My love alone she waits for word
    Worries about the swell at sea
    Try’s to forget the storm that boils
    The cold waters incessantly
    The clock ticks it’s anxious beat
    Till the fires embers, like hope, fade…

    143 words
  • timbuckley

    Come with me to the Garden by timbuckley

    Come with me to the garden
    Where the apples jewel the ground
    With the colours of the Autumn
    And the soft soothing sounds
    Of bubbles blinking on the brook
    Sycamore seeds twirling in air
    And the birds ful…

    202 words
  • timbuckley

    Let us build a nation of fornication . by timbuckley

    Let us build a nation for fornication
    where bareback we will ride
    Each blow up doll and hairy moll
    for man to come inside.
    Love will be unspoken
    in the sect that satan found
    With every woman whoreifi…

    267 words
  • timbuckley

    I, the sparrow by timbuckley

    I the sparrow in your golden thatch
    chirping with every crumb that’s fed
    Composing songs for you
    When your dreaming in your bed.
    I the raindrops, that drop like tears
    Weeping down your window pane

    151 words
  • timbuckley

    Peel Back The Quilted Covers. by timbuckley

    Peel back the quilted covers
    Float on its sea of linen white
    Aboard the boat that lovers sail
    To that isle of sheer delight.
    The moon and stars will guide us
    As we sail in the darkening day
    To the harbour …

    230 words
  • timbuckley

    Undressing Our Longing by timbuckley

    Undressing all our longing
    laid down where we would be
    In a cottage made of stone
    Between the mountains and the sea.
    Love spilled soft between us
    Like the whispers of the stream
    That gurgle their soothi…

    140 words
  • joshuatree2

    Please pray for me by joshuatree2

    I urgently need you Love and Prayers!

    403 words
  • timbuckley

    Upon The Stage Of Life by timbuckley

    Learn your lines or improvise
    Upon the stage of life we share
    Be yourself and play your part
    With dignity your crosses bare
    When the lime lights on you
    The audience held to hush
    Savour all the blissfuln…

    167 words
  • timbuckley

    Recession by timbuckley

    Faces lined with worry
    Children have not been fed
    The only heat inside the house
    Is wrapped up inside the bed.
    The fridge is cold and empty
    the mice have disappeared
    The economic storm
    Is worse than we ever…

    260 words
  • timbuckley

    Come All Ye Brave Soldiers by timbuckley

    Come all ye brave soldiers
    Naive though you’ve been
    That signed up for battle
    In your kaki and green.
    To fight for your country
    It’s the flag that you bare
    Yet they close down the factory
    Moved your job el…

    358 words
  • timbuckley

    A Bawdy Ballad.. by timbuckley

    There’s beautiful women
    I tasted my share
    With a feckless abandon
    half clothed and bare
    In county’s and parishes
    City’s towns near and far
    In hay sheds and soft beds
    And the back de auld car…

    Toor a loo

    631 words


    Mao will eventually realise that Mitch is just a loveable little pest who means him no harm. Today (5th January 2009) we had a rare glimpse of them having a truce between their squabbling :)

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