An iPhone case design only group.

Recent Work

  •  A Cruiser_Interceptor on Patrol iPad/iPhone.iPod/ Samsung cases by Dennis Melling
  • Light Yagami  by markusian
  • bleach hollow ichigo by yurikakim
  • Monochrome Mandelbrot I by Rupert  Russell
  • Captain Kenpachi Zaraki 11th division by georgeyporgey
  • Sugar Skull by Keelin  Small
  • An Interstellar Cruiser Transits Stephan's Quintet iPad/iPhone/iPod/Samsung cases by Dennis Melling
  • Ninetails On Fire! by hardsign
  • Naruto Uzumaki  by hardsign
  • Break Free ! by lab80
  • Red Earth by Rupert  Russell
  • luffy the strong warrior by yurikakim

About This Group

This group is specifically for iPhone case designs only. Any style of artwork or photos is fine.

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