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Challenge Results - Photographic iPhone Case Challenge!

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 380 posts

Hello all, we’ve had another excellent turn-out for our Photographic iPhone Case Challenge . All of your entries were of such a high standard and we got a reasonable amount of votes which is nice to see too!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, both with entries and voting – you guys really made it an excellent success. I have to say a big thank you to whoever threw their votes my way – it was rather a surprise to find that I had won, I wasn’t expecting it at all, considering the quality of all the entries!

Please don’t forget to share some love around – go and visit all of the top tenners and leave them some feedback on their excellent work – you can see them all below!

Huge congratulations to everyone in the top ten – I’m honoured to be alongside your excellent work! And big thank you again to everyone for participating, you guys are making this group so much fun!

Thanks everyone, enjoy the rest of your week!


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place

aldona aldona 2177 posts

Congrats to all amazing iphones

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4797 posts

Nice work, congrats everyone!

PhotosByG PhotosByG 1767 posts

Thanks Damienne and congrats to all the other members. Cheers.

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 10891 posts

Well done, Damienne, and the rest of the top 10!

Carol Bleasdale Carol Bleasdale 393 posts

Well done to Damienne, a well deserved win! Congratulations everyone else and I am honoured that you have voted my joint 3rd! xx

bubblehex08 bubblehex08 1948 posts

well done to the winners, they are all outstanding. I couldn’t decide which one to buy ;)

Elizabeth Tunstall Elizabeth Tuns... 685 posts

Congratulations to all!

OlaG OlaG 58 posts

Congratulations to all … excellent work!

PerkyBeans PerkyBeans 26 posts

Great work everyone! thank you all for the votes :)

Jay Lethbridge Jay Lethbridge 10 posts

Well done everyone and congrats to all. Many thanks for the votes too :)

MTKlima MTKlima 89 posts

All deserving, congrats!