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Challenge Results - What a Great Success!

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 340 posts

The first ever iPhone Home challenge has been a great success – we got plenty of votes and a really amazing top ten! Big congrats to our very-deserving winner murals2go with her Steampunk iPhone case! And a congrats to all of the top tenners (check out their stuff below!)

I also want to say thank you to all the people who cast their votes for my Miss Redhead iPhone case – I’m so glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your support!

Thank you to everyone for participating and making this challenge so much fun, I’m looking forward to the next one!

Thanks all!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place

6th Place

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4968 posts

Thanks for voting my cardinal into 4th place, and congrats, all, very nice work!

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5351 posts

stunning designs .. huge congrats everyone .. thanks to all those who voted for my frog

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 17553 posts

Steampunk is brilliant – congratulations, Birg! And the runners-up are all great designs, well done all!

Elizabeth Tunstall Elizabeth Tuns... 652 posts

Congratulations to all!