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! Inspired Art ! - The Revival

For all creative visual arts that have been inspired by poems, songs, musics, quotes, link to another art, and/or personal ideas.


  • Magic Blue Whirl by Eric Nagel
  • Kid Soldier G-dash Official Picture 3 by TakeshiMedia
  • The Return Wave by Anna Miarczynska
  • Art Print for fabric by SURF3R
  • Dissolution 4 by Richard Maier
  • ALOHA KALIKAMKA TREE by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Full Armor of God - Warrior 1 by Patricia Howitt
  • Merrry Christmas. by Andy Nawroski
  • "Heart of Infinity" - Mandala of Wealth and Balance by Anna Miarczynska
  • Oko's Sweets by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Predator's raise by Stwayne
  • The Diva Blue by Stwayne
  • Knox 2 by John Velocci
  • The Fake Ape by Stwayne
  • Beebot by Stwayne
  • Differentiation by Regina Valluzzi
  • Last Hope of Freedom by Stwayne
  • Wooden panther by Stwayne