! Inspired Art ! - The Revival

For all creative visual arts that have been inspired by poems, songs, musics, quotes, link to another art, and/or personal ideas.


  •  	      Peace 'is the river of life' . 2 by oneoftheclan
  • Difference Of Two Squares by Larry Costales
  • A Siren of Silence by Jennifer Rhoades
  • DISTORSIONS by nonarom
  • Flora by Stefano Popovski
  • Moon Picking by Jenny Wood
  • Life Underwater by Rubyblossom
  • Safari Lodge décor - Gemsbok in the shadows by Maree Clarkson
  •  Don't Stop The Music - Abstract  Art + 23 Products Design  by haya1812
  • The Peace Within Her Soul by Juli Cady Ryan
  • Come to Me by ElinLynn
  • The Photographer by Chanel70
  • Orange Tranquility  by emmastartaylor
  • Flamenco II by Stefano Popovski
  •  Enjoy The Silence-Abstract ART + Product Design by haya1812
  • Pink moon rising over Thacher Island by Roger Porter
  • 'Majestic Hideaway' by Jaana Day
  • Da Jesus by J.C. Maziu