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For all creative visual arts that have been inspired by poems, songs, musics, quotes, link to another art, and/or personal ideas.


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Interesting, but I don’t know about this eclectic approach to hanging the paintings- it looks like its going to be difficult to view the top ones properly. My understanding of the original practise of hanging paintings in this fashion was that there was very limited space due to lack of money, and so many emerging artists in that time- ie it was a practical necessity, but is it still a practical necessity, ?

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Wow! Looks like an interesting smorgasbord of artwork :)

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♦ Ben – I believe the costs of running a gallery are still an issue in today’s world. A good designer might overcome space and overloading factors. I’ve seen galleries where the small works were posted on the top, really not under view range, while big size works were hanging right at eye level. I also believe that interested buyers will browse thoroghly before taking the decision of purchasing a piece of art. The offer it’s tremendous, and I am quite sure that one spending the money wants to be sure that it made the best deal

tatefox – yeah, appears that will be an interesting show :)

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very nice gallery…..