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Greeting Cards to Motivate, Inspire and Encourage each other in our Life.

Recent Work

  • Summer Dreaming by Carolyn Clark
  • Light Conquers All by CreativeEm
  • It's Not What We Have in Our Lives... by AngiandSilas
  • Will you be my valentine? by missmoneypenny
  • Valentine Teddy by Ann12art
  • The Rose Minuet by Carolyn Clark
  • Bubbles of Love by missmoneypenny
  • out of the BLUE... just in time by TeaseTees
  • BLACK the new LOVE * by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Snowdrop blue sky by ljm000
  • A Good Place for Tired Minds and Overburdened spirits by CreativeEm
  • Love You by Carolyn Clark

About This Group

The focus of our group is to provide Inspirational and Motivational Greeting Cards to share with Friends and Family, Loved Ones and those in Need of Kind and Uplifting Words. Artwork may include Photography, Paintings and Drawings and should contain an Inspirational Message through the Beauty of the Image or Positive Affirmations or Motivational Messages on the Artwork.


Groups that may be of interest
Creative Cards & Calendars, No Photos
A Bible Verse A Day
Illustrated Greeting Cards

If your work is rejected please read the rules of the group and ask yourself, “Does my image fit within these guidelines”

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