**** Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies **** (2 A Day)

Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies are all beautiful up close, even the scary looking ones.

Winner March Avatar is Penny Rinker

Jo Nijenhuis Jo Nijenhuis 1613 posts

Dear Members,

Wow the result of the challenge is fantastic, you’re all so great with your support such a wonderful group we are!!!

The winner of the IB and CC – AVATAR MARCH Challenge with 10 Votes is …..

flowers and hummingbird moth by Penny Rinker

*This excellent image of A Hummingbird Moth will be placed on the Frontpage & Avatar of the Group until the end of the next Avatar Challenge! Congratulations to Penny our newest Featured Member, so very well deserved.

Congrats to the Top Ten Winners.
Penny Smith, Karen Eaton, Joy Watson, Grinch/R. Pross, ruth jolly, JamesRatchford, globeboater, Victoria Jostes and Anita Pollak

Please follow us to Congratulate Penny and all the Top Ten Artists.
Thanks dear Members for participating, the great support and votes in the challenge, your All so Super;)))

Wish you a Wonderful Week,
Cheers, Jo ;)

MotherNature MotherNature 6832 posts

All these images are amazing and deserve being winners:>)

Special congratulations to Penny Rinker for the magnificent picture of the hummingbird moth! These guys just don’t stay still for a moment.

Joy Watson Joy Watson 582 posts

Congratulations to all.

globeboater globeboater 154 posts

Congratulations to everybody. all are fantastic photos!

Kawka Kawka 46 posts

Congratulations to all the photographers of these images.

Manon Boily Manon Boily 2995 posts

great selection. congrats to all of you ;)