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**** Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies **** (2 A Day)

Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies are all beautiful up close, even the scary looking ones.

Features Are Up - Saturday November 17/2012

Jo Nijenhuis Jo Nijenhuis 1618 posts

Dear Members,

WOW so many Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies there are in nature, a superb job to all of you!!!
Enjoy the Featured Gallery.
And if your not in, maybe next time I’ll choose your wonderful work.

Congratulations to the Featured Artists!

Congratulations to the Featured Artists!

Wish you a a wonderful Sunday and a great start of the new week.
Cheers Jo ;)

AuntDot AuntDot 5428 posts

Even the scary ones are beautiful! LOL Congratulations to the featured artists!

MotherNature MotherNature 6937 posts

Beautiful work, Everyone! Congratulations:>)

aussiebushstick aussiebushstick 144 posts

Awe…I am flattered to be one of the chosen. Thanks for the Congrats too. WOOHOO!!!!! Robyn :)

Rick Playle Rick Playle 29 posts

Thank you Jo, really great to be counted in with the other members outstanding entries
humbled in fact, with much appreciation, well done everyone…. way to go indeed
cheers Rick

Manon Boily Manon Boily 2989 posts

wow! this world is full of beauties! congratulations to all of you :)

NikonMan NikonMan 566 posts

Congratulations everyone great photography.

petegrev petegrev 348 posts

thank you so much for the feature and congratultations to all the other artists!

Kathy Baccari Kathy Baccari 1431 posts

Wonderful macros. Congrats to all. :)

Paula Tohline  Calhoun Paula Tohline ... 97 posts

How great is our God, to make even the “creepy stuff” beautiful! Congrats to all who can truly see it!