**** Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies **** (2 A Day)

Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies are all beautiful up close, even the scary looking ones.

Introduce Yourself Here

WendyJC WendyJC 286 posts

Welcome to All Members!

Come say hello we Dont Bite,
Even though i macro detailed bugs and insects might!!!!

Share your favourite Insect, Bug and Creepy Crawlies as Well as your Hello!

I am Wendy… “obviously”

It is very hard to choose a favorute
as there are so many wonderful Insects!

for now i will say… the Bee

eyestrange eyestrange 17 posts

Hi I am Pat aka eyestrange and my favorite insect is the Fly – a beautiful creature coming in many diff styles, shapes and colours, and ofcourse they are all handsome chaps :)

VickiOBrien VickiOBrien 16 posts

HI, i am new to Redbubble, just finished my first month of posting images here..
Last summer I became very involved with my camera and lots of creepy crawlies. Discovering the world of macro in summer is something I won’t forget. I became so fascinated with all the different body structures, and learned alot about insects, in the process. I especially like to photograph flies, bees and dragonflies…the dragons being my fave. I have a pond nearby that I go to in late afternoons to take dragonfly pics, and it is comforting to me to sit still by the water, and observe all the miniature in life that exists there.

gabbielizzie gabbielizzie 618 posts

hi,i am elizabeth aka gabbielizzie,i go by gabbie.i live in west texas and we get many differant creepy bugs,some cool lizards and toads,even snakes..some are dangerous some not.they are good to photogragh..i look forward to being a member of your group….gabbie

JimJohnson JimJohnson 1 post

Hello, I live in Vancouver, Washington, and I’m new to RedBubble. My specialty is odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) and I’m in the process of loading the photos that I am most proud of. If interested, you can find many more photos as well as other information on odonates at my site: http://odonata.bogfoot.net/

I look forward to seeing everyone else’s work. Jim

julieS julieS 23 posts

Hi I’m Julie and I’m relatively new to RB …..I’m finding it lots of fun although it sure can eat into your time management!! Loving my new macro lens [canon 100mm macro] and discovering a new world of beauty in creepy crawlies. My favourite must be the dragon fly as their wings are amazing but I also love the lady bug.

dmvphotos dmvphotos 4 posts

Hi. I’m Marlene from Virginia, and I am new to Redbubble. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate the site so I am sorry that I haven’t introduced myself sooner. I love photography, especially nature shots. Still trying to save for a dedicated macro lens, but I shoot what I can with what I have. Hope to chat with ya’ll soon.

Coyroy Coyroy 3 posts

Hi I’m Joe and im new here. I have an interest in alsorts of photography but bugs and insects, theres just something so interesting about them.

Pete Janes Pete Janes 49 posts

Hello, Pete Janes here. I’ve been illustrating insect specimens for years and I’ve finally accepted new technology: digital photography for reference and the digital community for support and promotion.
I would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite . . . I’ve spent the most time and study on ants, butterflies, and arachnids. I hope you all will take the time to check out my other pieces. More to come as I get some of the larger pieces scanned.

!http://images-2.redbubble.net/img/art/backingco... !


Newbie here! Working artist in a few mediums, please come say hi sometime and tell me what you like and don’t like here, maybe I can skip to the good stuff as I can’t figure a few things out on my page. I’m also wondering if the 2800 or so hits in 3 days is for real? That is a ton of hits for no sales so far so just curious. I’m also on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Artwanted, Flicker & Blogger. Critiques always welcome!
Enjoy the Arts & Enjoy the Journey, Stevie

Jicha Jicha 15 posts

Hello, I am new to redbubble and just found this group. I live in germany and my hobby ( beside digital designs ) is photography. One of my main themes is flowers ( and butterflies, if I have the opportunity ).
Of course, if an insect happens to sit on the flower, I snap at the chance.

I am happy about the oppurtunity to show some of my crawlies. Any critique welcome!

Jess Meacham Jess Meacham 76 posts

Hello I’m Jess I love butterflies and dragonflies I have tattoos of both! I actually am terrified of bees (and deathly allergic) and spiders they both cause severe panic attacks I’ve been using photography of them as a way to desensitize myself to them and am making huge improvements!! I’m really glad there’s a place to post my photos of them!!

<3 Jess Check it Out