Indigenous artists

A place for Indigenuos artists to show there work

Recent Work

  • Capricorn Roadhouse, Newman by loza1976
  • Yamatji Mobraan (Aboriginal Magic) by DarrylBellotti
  • Aboriginal Art Authentic - Emu Dreaming by HogarthArts
  • Follow Your Dreams by DavidAtkinson19
  • Australian Navy by DavidAtkinson19
  • Dreaming eyes by DavidAtkinson19
  • Anzacs by DavidAtkinson19
  • NDN love song by mylittlenative
  • float like a butterfly by mylittlenative
  • next two step he'll be mine "ledgar art" by mylittlenative
  • he's so handsome he's so two step I'll make him mine by mylittlenative
  • ojibwe floral deisng #1 2016 by mylittlenative

About This Group

YOU MUST BE AN INDIGENOUS/Native/Aboriginal person.

Our mission is to break stereotypes about Indigenous cultures, people, lifestyles, and art.

We as Indigenous people are often portrayed in history book as once great nations; in museums as nations frozen stoic;

these images can be despairing. Lets change this!

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