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Deities of India Winner

TeriLee TeriLee 77 posts

There was a bit of controversy surrounding this challenge. The direction we were aiming for when we brainstormed for this challenge was religious icons or figures of India…the beautiful art that comes from the Spirituality of India that should have been the name, instead of Deities of India . I blame my ignorance for including Buddha as a deity, no offense was ever intended, but as I did refer to Buddha directly in the challenge description, all entries will be left as is. To rectify this issue, the only thing I know to do is, in the future, I do promise to educate myself better before launching a challenge, thank you for your understanding.
Now, with that said…The winner of the challenge is…


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The images in this challenge were all so beautiful!

Thank you all for participating in this challenge, and for bearing with me while I learn the in’s and out’s of challenge hosting.
Many Blessings to you all!

pugazhraj pugazhraj 3 posts

Thanks u all .

Rahul Kapoor Rahul Kapoor 130 posts

Thanks Teri for the appreciation..!!

Vinay Rathore Vinay Rathore 1 post

Great Work!

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Love it!