Style of the Masters (Steichen-Urban Monochromes)

A group for practising the art of photography in the style of a particular master photographer.

Recent Work

  • Her Evil Eye by Farfarm
  • Their special day out, together by Farfarm
  • The discovery of tenderness by Farfarm
  • Tears come later by Farfarm
  • Lunch for Life by Farfarm
  • Habits vs Culture by Farfarm
  • Self Portrait, Abandoned Funeral Home by MJD Photography  Portraits and Abandoned Ruins
  • Until death do us part by Farfarm
  • The Art Critic by Ben Loveday
  • Round The Back Way by Ben Loveday
  • Community by Joseph  Tillman
  • Noblesse Oblige by Farfarm

About This Group

The purpose of this group is to learn about the history of photography and expand each of our practical understandings and aesthetic and technical photographic repertoires: Given this, submissions should focus not only on subject matter, ie the “what” of the photo, but also on the “how”, “why”, and “when” of the photo.

Periodically we will change the name of the master photographer in the Group Title. Contributors should only submit photographs in the “style” of the master photographer nominated. “Style” in this sense is not only about the editing style and the compositional arrangement of items in the frame but may also cover the context, concept and subject matter that the nominated master photographer shoots.

Currently we feature the great photographer Edward Steichen, but specifically his monochromatic street ad urban photography. Submissions should be in this style.

Here are some links:

Edward Steichen
Andrew Smith Gallery Exhibition
Steichen at the Met (scroll down to the “Flatiron”)

As the group develops thematic competitions will be introduced along the same lines – focussing on styles rather than representing particular things.

See the group rules and join this group here