In The Shadows b/w ONLY, 2/24 hours - please read rules.

Black & white photography only - NO SEPIA OR COLOUR - Image must have at least 70% +SHADOW

Recent Work

  • Detail of the Russell Falls.....Tasmania by Imi Koetz
  • Backyard Flowers In Black And White 22 by Brian Carson
  • .....The Remains 2..... by Imi Koetz
  • Let The Light Guide Your Way by Lucinda Walter
  • Braking point by Paul Pasco
  • Tulip. by Paul Pasco
  • The illuminated, snowy Tree by Imi Koetz
  • The Boulders.....Tropical North Queensland by Imi Koetz
  • Light in the light. by Paul Pasco
  • Palm by dcdigital
  • Summer in the city. by Paul Pasco
  • CNE Horse Palace Toronto Canada by Brian Carson

About This Group

We are a black & white photography group with an emphasis on
dark black shadows and high contrast.

♦ Please note this group is not for just any b/w image – to be accepted to this group, your images must have OBVIOUS strong element/s of SHADOW

♦ Image must have at least 70% SHADOW to be considered for acceptance to the group


Featured” Banner challenge winner – Michael Scott – 21st December 2011

NB. banner image above is a collaborative effort.
Express permission given by Michael to use/place text across his image for the purpose of the challenge – thank you Michael for entrusting us with your fabulous image, and congrats :-))

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