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  • aprilann

    My Heart Wants (I Corinthians 2:9) by aprilann

    My Heart Wants

    Dear Lord, my heart wants,
    that shiny new car,
    so I can travel for you near and far.

    And, Lord, my heart wants,
    that house so new,
    so I can host all my parties for you.

    And, Lord, my heart…

    240 words
  • aprilann

    How Shall I Praise Thee Lord? (Psalm 7:17) by aprilann

    How Shall I Praise Thee Lord?

    How shall I praise thee Lord?
    When the children are hungry
    And there is no food on the table.

    How shall I praise thee Lord?
    When the plant is closed
    And there are no jobs in…

    157 words
  • aprilann

    The Fear of the Lord (Psalms 61:5) by aprilann

    Psalms 61:5 For thou, O God, has heard my vows: and hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name.

    283 words
  • aprilann

    His Plan by aprilann

    His Plan

    There is a rock that is higher than I,
    A shelter from my worldly cares,
    A rock that points up to the sky,
    Providing protection from satan’s snares.

    I hide beneath that rock each day,
    In a specia…

    196 words
  • aprilann

    Holy (Revelation 15:4) by aprilann

    God, You are holy,
    And always are true.
    Some say it’s not only,
    A description of you.
    They claim that their gods,
    Have this divine quality too.

    But their gods are idols,
    Self-serving and proud.
    Many souls …

    235 words
  • aprilann

    Promises He Keeps (II Timothy 1:7) by aprilann

    Promises He Keeps

    I felt his presence in the room,
    My heart was gripped in fear.

    I felt my blood turn icy cold,
    My heart frozen and still.

    I tried to fight him night and day,
    Staying conscience and aler…

    221 words
  • aprilann

    To Keep My Testimony Clear (I Corinthians 1:6) by aprilann

    To Keep My Testimony Clear

    Oh, God, please let me know,
    If I should stand and go,
    To keep my testimony clear.

    How do I go about,
    And not cause any doubt,
    My love for you so dear.

    My heart in turmoil beat…

    134 words
  • aprilann

    Hear My Prayer (Psalm 61:1) by aprilann

    Hear My Prayer

    Hear my prayer, O God,
    As it travels to your ears.
    Hear my prayer, O God,
    You can wipe away my fears.

    Forgive my sins, O God,
    As I call you Lord and Savior.
    Forgive my sins, O God,
    So I can …

    168 words
  • aprilann

    Wait and Pray (Psalm 55:17) by aprilann

    The sun rises in shades of pink,
    My heart sings a joyful song;
    From the Book of Life I take a drink,
    My time on earth won’t be long.

    My eyes wander to my mirror glass,
    Who is that woman in there;
    My life …

    324 words
  • aprilann

    Jonah Ran From God - Jonah 1:1-3 by aprilann

    Jonah Ran From God

    Jonah ran from God,
    Across the land he trod;
    Anywhere he thought,
    To hide and not get caught.

    Omnipresent he found out,
    Meant God was on that same boat;
    And when he bent and swayed,
    God …

    319 words
  • Charldia

    The Sweetness of My Lover's Embrace by Charldia

    I walked along the shore in the early morning mist and my lover was there. He kissed my lips in the salty spray as the ocean waves rolled in. Then the sun broke through and His golden embrace warme…

    270 words
  • aprilann

    A Call From God (Acts 5:32) by aprilann

    A Call From God

    Some hear it in the preaching,
    Some hear it in a song,
    I began to hear God’s voice,
    When my life was farther along,

    My joints and muscles are tired,
    I’m forced to slow life down,
    That’s wh…

    156 words
  • aprilann

    Why the Bumblebees Dance - Genesis 1:24-27 by aprilann

    Why the Bumblebees Dance

    Some people say the beauty of a rose
    Came about by chance;
    And that evolution is why the
    Bumblebees dance.

    But my conscience pricks me when
    I tell that white lie,
    When I see a man…

    347 words
  • aprilann

    Heaven's Ground (Psalm 9:2) by aprilann

    Heaven’s Ground

    Oh, Lord how high you are
    That when I looked near and far
    It took a miracle of your love
    To bring you down from above
    And, show me the eternal way
    That I may live each day
    Walking in your p…

    88 words
  • aprilann

    Finding Emma by aprilann

    Finding Emma


    At nine years of age Bridget Davis was coping quite well all alone in the small, dark hotel room. Her mother had made her a promise earlier when the sun still shown slightly thr…

    347 words
  • karo

    Prophetic Abstract Expressionist Painting by karo

    We know that God is the greatest Artist ever!

    410 words
  • Dawn M. Becker

    Sister by Dawn M. Becker

    My sister you may be younger,
    but so wise beyond your years.
    I look up to you and I admire you.
    You are full of strength, love, compassion,
    areas where I have lacked.
    If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn

    98 words
  • Charldia

    Weeping Willow by Charldia

    Why do you weep, beautiful Willow?
    Why do your branches bend low?
    Is it true you cry, when someone dies
    That is a poor, lost, tortured soul?

    Why do you weep, lovely Willow?
    Why do your branches hang down…

    206 words