The Touch of God's Glory - In His Name- photography only -CLOSED temporarily Name-photography only

Seeing God's glory through photography (see rules please)

Recent Work

  • Out on a limb by vigor
  • Columbia. Cocora Valley. River. by vadim19
  • Columbia. Cocora Valley. Cows. by vadim19
  • Ice Everywhere by Redrose10
  • Carpe Diem by Laurie Minor
  • Tulips of Many Colours - Keukenhof Gardens by kathrynsgallery
  • The Stargazers by kathrynsgallery
  • Flower Power by JohnDSmith
  • Gorgeous Golden Rose by kathrynsgallery
  • Columbia. Cocora Valley. Blooming Bushes and Wax Palms. by vadim19
  • Columbia. Bogota. La Candelaria. Botero Museum. Inner Courtyard. by vadim19
  • Columbia. Bogota. La Candelaria. Church of Our Lady of Candelaria. by vadim19

About This Group

God’s Creation is an awesome sight! His glory shines through a myriad of different areas of the beauty that surrounds us.

Firm rule
Your image must fit into the beauty of God’s Creation.
To help everyone understand more about your image you
must have a description befitting to the image and the group.
Consider how it fits into the group and how it shares with us His glory in what surrounds us.
Can anyone look at this image and say ‘ah yes, I can see the beauty of God’s creation, I understand why this has inspired the author of the photograph!’
Some images that come in are really not clear on this and therefore are being rejected.
Some may continue to be rejected regardless, as it really does have to clarify the Creator’s handiwork.
Should the above rule not be adhered to, I apologise now for it’s rejection.
All your description needs is a simple sentence as to how God’s Glory is shown in the photograph you have submitted.
We are here for you to showcase your examples of the beauty God has given us on earth. Show us your examples of the awesomeness of nature and life.
Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the greatest impact as we observe God’s beautiful creation. Capture that image as you may never have the opportunity to view that moment in the same way again.
Subjects accepted are:
nature i.e flowers, plants, trees & others that fit in with His wonderful creation.

A Scriptural verse or inspirational quote within a photograph is acceptable.
No artwork please.
No ‘people/child/baby’ images. (I have genuine reasons for not accepting children images -not because they don’t fit into the God’s glory but for safety reasons, and on that basis I am just not accepting people images either, otherwise it could get complicated!)
Photographs only at this stage.

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Our latest Challenge winner was SIR13 with this lovely image bleow. This will be showcased on our page for a fortnight.

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