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Colors in-between: ORANGE

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The spectacular parade of colors associated with the days of autumn is created by a complicated series of interactions involving pigments, sunlight, moisture, chemicals, hormones, temperature, length of daylight and genetic traits.
When early fall days are bright and cool, and nights are chilly but not freezing, that is the moment in-between when you can find the powerful color ORANGE.
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The Challenge
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O Campo das Maçãs Suspensas by marcarambr

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AnnaAsche AnnaAsche 109 posts

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thank you very much !!!
I am very glad and honored.
All jobs are beautiful . Congrats to all artists.

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Congrats to the winner and top ten, this was a fun challenge and a lot of good work was in it!

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thanks for including i have seen the future brother

congrats to the big 10!

hi ho!

titus toledo

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Congratulations to all.

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Congratulations to Marcarambr for the win-truely an awesome surreal creation! And, kudos to the remainder of the top 10, I am honored to be included in this group- thank you to those who voted for my Zinnia into Shadow! Sandy

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Thank you so much for including my work with these wonderful features…

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Thanks so much, a lovely surprise to be included here!! :)))

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Congratulations to all and thanks so much for including me!