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Features, Artworks & Members - May 15. 2010

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts


Congratulations to our Group’s brilliant members, whose excellent artworks are Featured today!!!
Congratulations to the 8 newly Featured valuable members of our Group!!!
Thank you for your WONDERFUL ART!!!


Paulette by EnchantmentArts

Iron-cast-facade by TokikoAnderson

Violin Still life by nancy salamouny

After Life… by Gerard Bahon

Keep Moving by Abra Bragg

Red Head 1 by Mayou

Female Nude by MegJay

Forest Sunset by John Moore

irish landscape by alankenny

Waves by Peter Evens

Ten Minutes Away From Raspberry Sorbet by bernzweig

Dancing with Color… by Nina Smart

Featured Members

Sharon Williamson, PAINTINGS ORIGINAL SARA CATENA, Santamaria, Suzanne Chouinard, Conrad Stryker, skye oshea, Susie Hawkins, Elena Kolotusha

Your host, Betty Hermann
15 May 2010

Kostas Koutsoukanidis Kostas Koutsou... 228 posts

Congratulations to all!

Errazi-Jalal Errazi-Jalal 419 posts

Congrats on both! LOL!!

Arturas Slapsys Arturas Slapsys 291 posts

Congratulations and best wishes for all of you !!! Very nice paintings !!!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6160 posts

to ALL Featured works and members.

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2555 posts

Beautiful, beautiful ART!!! Congrats to all!

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts

Thank you very, very much Kostas, Jalal, Arturas, Mary and Elizabeth!!!! I really, really appreciate your support!!!

helene ruiz helene ruiz 2800 posts

congrats! beautiful works!!

Nudessence Nudessence 20 posts

Very nice choices!

Cathy Amendola Cathy Amendola 231 posts

wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the artists on their amazing work….and CONGRATULATIONS to all the FEATURED ARTISTS!!!!
JOB WELL DONE…everyone!!!! Thank you to our own…very talented Elisabeta, for bringing all of this wonder to us!!!

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts

@ Helene – Thank you very much Helene dear for finding the time and post here. I know how bussy you are now with your wonderful solo going on and with all the preparations of the upcoming show…:)

@ Nudessence – thank you very, very much for your support

@ Cathy – Thank you dear Cathy for your wonderful words, for this sign of appreciation of my efforts. Your support means a lot to me….:)

eoconnor eoconnor 2556 posts

congratulationas to all wonderful choices here betty !!LIZ

david hatton david hatton 415 posts

Wonderfull choice,well done everybody :-)))

FranEvans FranEvans 504 posts

Very big congratulations to everyone! Well done!

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts

Liz, David and Fran, thank you very much for your posts and fot taking the time….:)

Almeta Almeta 19 posts

I continually enjoy the benefits of this wonderful group. The work featured is both extraordinary and beautiful. Such wonderful artists…..and so much that I can learn from your magnificent work.

Thank you, too, Elisabeta, for your devoted work in continuing and encouraging the artists in the group! It must take an enormous amount of time and diligence on your part. I’m sure that we all appreciate that time and your love of art.

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts

:) …thank you Almeta dear!!!!
Thank you for taking the time and post these wonderful and supportive words and the congratulations.
All this means a lot to me!

Julie-Ann Vellios Julie-Ann Vellios 72 posts

Congratulations to all – what a superb group of works – wonderful choices – am feeling so inspired

Vickyh Vickyh 73 posts

CONGRATULATIONS all you wonderful artists for your beautiful work.

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts

Thanks Julie and Vicky for stopping by and for your great congratulatory posts…:)

Sharon Williamson Sharon Williamson 56 posts

Congratulations, some wonderful work featured here, and congrats also to the featured members!

Thank you Betty for all your work with this group, there’s some outstanding art here!

roza50 roza50 553 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists for this week, beautiful work! Best Wishes, Roza50

GeertWinkel GeertWinkel 10 posts

Proficiat,all artist.Geert Winkel

Antonio  Luppino Antonio Luppino 35 posts

Well done and congrats to all the artists featured, very well deserved! :D

Catrin Stahl-Szarka Catrin Stahl-S... 75 posts

Congrats to all the artists!