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"Leaves, leaves and...leaves!!!" Challenge ~ May 29. 2010

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 5245 posts


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our WINNER, Lynda Robinson, who receives the BLUE RIBBON today!!!



“’Regeneration 1’

by Lynda Robinson":

Beautiful painting, Lynda!!!… 22 very well deserved votes!!! WOW!!!
Congratulations again!!!


Congratulations to the rest of the wonderfully talented artists whose works made it in the TOP TEN, in this great Challenge of our Group Leaves, leaves and…leaves!!!

Allison Ashton
Bobbi Price
Cathy Gilday
Gerard Bahon
Carole Russell
Donna Huntriss
Arline Wagner
Anil Nene

We had 22 FABULOUS entries in this great Challenge; thank you for your participation and for your votes!!!

your host, Elisabeta Hermann,

May 29. 2010

eoconnor eoconnor 2598 posts

well done Lynda a real beauty congratulations and to the others well done for top 10 !LIZ

Mrswillow Mrswillow 72 posts

Congratulations Lynda dear! This is a beautiful painting and a very well deserved win.(((BIG HUGS)))

Gerard Bahon Gerard Bahon 37 posts

Congratulation Lynda . Beautiful piece . Well deservedrecognition . Gerard

Arturas Slapsys Arturas Slapsys 291 posts

Excellent work Lynda !!! Congratulations !!!!

scallyart scallyart 162 posts

Congratulations Lynda. Congratulations to all others in the top ten. all wonderful work

Susie Hawkins Susie Hawkins 220 posts

Congratulations wonderful work! :)

Bobbi Price Bobbi Price 106 posts

Congratulations Lynda, Awesome work!!!!

Kostas Koutsoukanidis Kostas Koutsou... 228 posts

Congratulations Lynda.

Donna Huntriss Donna Huntriss 635 posts

Well done Lynda and all the best!

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3195 posts

Thank you thank you thank you for all these lovely congratulatory comments, and for everyone who gave me one of those 22 votes!!!!! Heck! Also congratulations to all all the other top tenners in this challenge. I feel very honoured and very lucky to have won with so many incredible entries. Thanks also to the hosts of this group, Betty and John, who do such a great job of looking after their members.

Cathy Gilday Cathy Gilday 411 posts

Congratulations Lynda, your artwork was absolutely beautiful and so very deserving of it’s win.

Esperanza Gallego Esperanza Gallego 743 posts

Congratulations Lynda, is a beautiful painting
Congratulations to the rest of the artists:)

hermeszfineart hermeszfineart 509 posts

Congratulations to Lynda fo her challenge win and congrats to the other Top 10 Finishers.