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Group Rules:

Group Identity and vision

The International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination presents a welcoming and encouraging environment where like-minded artists can showcase their drawings and illustrations. It is a meeting place for discussion, knowledge sharing, critique and secret plans for the Global Armageddon Device (GAD).

Host Commitment

  1. To welcome new members and offer information about the group and support.
  2. To rotate the featured gallery and feature a new artist on a regular basis.
  3. To moderate the work in the group ensuring the rules are adhered to.
  4. To keep the members informed with a regular newsletter of group news, events and other points of interest.
  5. To participate and keep an eye on discussions in the forums to ensure a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  6. To create ongoing challenges for the membership.

Group Rules:

This Group is open to all drawing and illustration regardless of the medium used (we would prefer a limit to two per day to keep things looking fresh).

Computer generated drawing or illustration is welcome but the techniques used to create the work should mimic traditional drawing techniques such as those listed here. Photography, photo manipulation and 3D art (Fractals etc) are not suitable for this group.

There is no limit on Journal entries or Written works; All we ask is that they be specific to drawing and illustration. Our guidelines also include those of redbubble as a whole.

Promotion and World Domination
By joining the group you are permitting the hosts to feature your work on our homepage, use your images to promote our challenges and group avatar.
Occasionally we may twitter about the group or link news to facebook.
We hope all of these things will bring more visitors to your page and generate interest and sales. We will use your art for no other purpose without express permission and contract pertaining to specific Projects we may run from time to time