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Longest Illustration

georgiegirl georgiegirl 494 posts

woo hoo… and we’re moving onwards again!!! Love seeing this work grow :D

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

where where?!

MrDunne MrDunne 16 posts

id like to get in on this if its still open…

sergio37 sergio37 64 posts

who’s drawing rite now?

Tania Rose Tania Rose 3588 posts


georgiegirl georgiegirl 494 posts

I see we’re all moving along at a snail’s pace. Our artwork isn’t as long as a train yet… remember our big plans? lol No wonder time goes by so fast, its cos we’re all so busy!!! Hope you’re all enjoying all your drawing, painting and making music (TR :) I know you are!!!)… Have a fab weekend! x GG

Tania Rose Tania Rose 3588 posts

did this grind to a halt?