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Art and kids

Damien Mason Damien Mason 2932 posts

Hey all,

I’ve got two kids ages 3 years and 7 months. I found when the first was born my free time really dropped down, and with two it’s all but non-existent, as the time between new designs from me would attest.

I’m wondering if there are fellow illustrating super-heroes out there with kids who do find time amid working, cleaning and throwing small boys in the air to actually sit down and draw.. and if so, how do you do it? Any advice for me?

Sorina Williams Sorina Williams 28 posts

lol… I used to do it after everything was done (usually after midnight) as a form of therapy, it really pulled my brain together……. hang in there it will get easier in the next few years ;)

you could get them involved, I used to have a white board & my kids loved it when I drew stuff for them… they watched and tried to guess…just a thought!

Good luck! It WILL get better!:)

ria gilham ria gilham 70 posts

so true! somehow little kids take up that creative part of your brain as well as your time.
i didn’t pick up a pencil for about 10 years (only 2 kids, but spaced well apart with a wedding & building a house thrown in!). i didn’t make any conscious decision to start drawing again: i guess i had put it away into the “things i used to do” part of my brain. then when the youngest one started school, suddenly i had days when i had no kids AND i wasn’t at work! gradually over a couple of months the pencil found it’s way back into my hand again, & i’ve never looked back! i paint now too.
the best thing is, the kids are loving having a mum who paints fantasy pictures & they’re always visiting my studio (i stole the guest room!) to see whats next!

lisacheriesart lisacheriesart 1 post

It is hard to find time and patience when the kids are little. I used to draw kids baby pictures and make cards when I had spare time when they were asleep or busy playing. I think you just have to get used to being interrupted when the kids are little.You can always go back to what you are doing later on. I found this really hard at first but I got used to it!! I still always seem to have to stop what I’m doing even now my 3 kids are teenagers. When my kids were a little older I used to draw so many “Pokemon” pictures for them and also for their friends. They loved it and I enjoyed drawing for them :)