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Comic Book Art Thread - Elektra (join in the fun!)

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Elektra, at varying points Daredevil’s love and enemy. She’s died, reappeared, and been impersonated by shape-shifting aliens (aaaah the wonderful world of comics). Here are some wonderful versions to get the creative juices flowing!






Now show us what you’ve got :-)

SCdesigns SCdesigns 4 posts

these challenges are biased against those who cant draw :P haha i kid, looking foward to the many creative interpretations and verions to spawn from this challenge xD

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

Let’s do it!

Joozu Joozu 63 posts

Was I really the first one? Man, I’m fast.

Coldtown Coldtown 96 posts

Joozu – you just did this today?! Don’t any of us have jobs?? Very nice picture – nice line and colour, like the rain and particularly like the pieces of cast iron fence she’s holding. :p

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Joozu, that is outstanding man, you’ve really kicked things off in a huge way for this week’s thread!

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

Joozu ! you da man ! that is awesome !

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Matt, you left out Mr Canete:

SCdesigns – The real problem is that Matt posts starts the thread by posting stuff so awesome we all look like crap ;)

Joozu – Yes, you are fast! You threw in all those buildings just to show off, didn’t you?

Joozu Joozu 63 posts

Thanks guys! Actually I did the linework last night and colouring today with Photoshop during a very boring meeting… so I kinda do have a job. (And everybody thought I was making notes with my laptop, hah.) Coldtown, I guess if you are really angry – or in trouble – you can make the Sai out of anything, like they did in Okinawa back in the day.

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Last night? How the hell did it take me so long to discover this thread!?

Joozu Joozu 63 posts

Matt gave away the subject in the last thread, hence the head start.

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

Ultra quick and super rough. Haven’t even rubbed out the pencils (but I thought that it might actually enhance the look anyway). I’ve been reading a lot of Ultimate Spider-Man lately so it was teen Elektra who materialised onto the page.

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

Mike, I love the position, the expression.. the defiance in this. Great work.

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

Thanks, Mr Chimp! It was fun to draw. I think I might leave this as is and move onto another Elektra interpretation. Perhaps an adult version!

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Yeah, I’ve learnt that erasing the pencil lines is a little overrated. Nice job Mike. She just needs some ridiculously long wavy tails trailing from her bandana ;)

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

hehe, ooh ! do you mean adult or ‘adult’ ? I’m sure I misread that the first time.

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

OctoChimp: I thought of drawing attention to the pun but considered it a little too explicit. :P

Sturstein: I decided to change her uniform into a kind of one piece swim suit instead of the loin cloth getup because when I pencilled the cloth pooled on the ground it looked a bit wrong. So I made it a uniform exception and removed the ribbons from her waist, arms and head.

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Some really interesting variations so far, including Barely Legal Elektra ;-) Here’s my first shot…

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

Shazam! I like the hair, Matt.

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

a bit rough, but it’s getting late so this is where I’m up to : … oh and yes I realise that I should have had a quick look at what a sai is supposed to look like before I drew this.. hehe, don’t I look silly…

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Matt – I love the way you nonchalantly state ‘first’, as though you already plan to make the rest of us look like lazy bums :P

Octo – You’re a chimp with tentacles. Of course you look silly (and kinda cool at the same time). But it’s a neat drawing :)

Nick Ford Nick Ford 356 posts

Love that one that you posted Sturstein! Thought it was yours for a bit! Canete aye? Will check out! Diggin the Morgue fridgedoors in the background!

Thats great stuff Matt ……… simple yet effective!

Joozu. Awesome. The neons/buildings make it! And the rains a nice touch

Michael. Bring on the coloured one! ….. and fix that crotch area! Something’s not right and it’s disturbing me.

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Nick – THIS should make it easier for you. Canete is one of my favorite illustrators. I was just having a go at Matt, because in a previous thread he specifically posted a Canete piece to make sure I didn’t get upset ;)

Steven  Austin Steven Austin 685 posts

Bloody hell – I’ve only just realised the new threads off the ground and there you all are caning it already!! Joozu – wow great start mate and mike love the pose and muscularity of your version – OC nice job dude – I in fact believe it or not was just thinking hmmmm Electra on a roof looking over the city in moonlight – and then BAM!! their you are. Nice. Matt – simply outstanding.

PieterDC PieterDC 34 posts

Damn i dont know elektra at all :s im a newby at this kind of comics, for i only read Belgian and french comics. I knew iron man and 2-face from the movies, and some drawings from the internet but yes im afraid it stops there… ( did i just commited socialy suicide ?). gonna pass for this one :s

For whats up allready; Fantastic job! O.o