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Character Creation Challenge Thread

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Check out all the details HERE

This is the place for you to post your artwork and character bio/information relating to the characters being entered into the challenge. We’ll also use it as the discussion thread for people to talk about each others work, compare notes, etc, etc.

There are some wild imaginations and amazing artists floating around these threads, so I think we’re all in for one hell of a ride with this!

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

I’ve got an old idea that I never explored entirely. Watch this space or check out the seed from which my entry will spring here

Nic Squirrell Nic Squirrell 36 posts

Cats spend much of their time asleep, so a pair of snazzy jimjams is a must.

Captain RibMan Captain RibMan 6 posts

Each day, when the full sun rises, the dreaded wererooster cock-a-doodle-doos.

_ VectorInk _ VectorInk 50 posts

Lazy Tom, my virtual cat.
I created this cuddly cat designed following the example of my 2 sweet cats, i had in the past, long time ago….

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Great. How the hell do I settle on just one!? If they find out about this, they’re likely to start duking it out inside my head! And that can’t be good.

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

can’t be good? sounds pretty good to me !!

Bize Bize 8 posts

This is Biz & BJ from my comic “Smooth”. They are graffiti artists. This image was the cover for issue 3 where the story was a parody of the Wizard Of Oz. They got hit by a train with the same fate that the cyclone had for Dorothy.

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 745 posts

In a major city lurks a caped crusader simply known as SuperDoxie . A long time ago, actually not too long ago he was known as mild-mannered Bark Kent who went about his menial life playing in a jazz band Dachsaphone and working as an undercover cop. Some of his jobs were quite risky…such as the time he went dressed as a bitch Another time he had to go undercover while on a holiday in Queensland where he took part in a congaline to catch some conga thieves who were stealing all the fun. But his toughest assignment to date was the time he had to go undercover as a puppycare worker
Usually you see him in his unmarked car cruising the strips for trouble But he is always there no matter what or when or how you will see him The little black and tan mini dachshund with the big ego

Captain RibMan Captain RibMan 6 posts

@squirrell — For some reason, I love the phrase “snazzy jimjams”

Pete Janes Pete Janes 49 posts

The Elephantine welder known only by his frequent tag, FMRL NME is the cooler head who always prevails.

Anastasiia Kucherenko Anastasiia Kuc... 8 posts

robot-vendineMachine character, that I created for my bf:)

Damien Mason Damien Mason 2932 posts

Okay, I’ve made my choice. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve gone with the mighty Monkey King

Right now across the world the monkeys are plotting. You see them in the zoos, you laugh at how they throw their poo and masturbate all the damned time but every now and again in the news there’s a little story about a monkey attack. They’ll pick someone at random, drop on their head, chew off their ears and run away.

These aren’t random acts of aggression. This is practice.

At some point in the near future, the monkeys will attack . They have studied us, they know our weaknesses (face and genitals). They have the dexterity, the strength, the speed, and most importantly nobody suspects them. At first we might resist. We’ve got technology, we’ve got clothes and buildings and iPods. However, the monkeys are smart.. much smarter than we expect. They will perform a precision strike on major military facilities. They will arm themselves.

Then, truly, The Chimpocalypse will be upon us.

We have been the Lords of the Earth for far too long. It is time to usher in a new, smaller, hairier age. It is time to bow down to our new global leader. All hail the Monkey King. Hail!

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 745 posts

ha ha great work here everyone :))

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Damien – what’s really scary is that they have a spy in our midst.

Damien Mason Damien Mason 2932 posts

Damien – what’s really scary is that they have a spy in our midst.

SHHHHHH! We don’t want them to know we’re on to them.


matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Stop trying to tarnish my reputation via your crazed conspiracy theories ;-)

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

Hey, Matt.. pssst. Shh, over here. Let them have their conspiracy theories, so they don’t pick up on the real conspiracy!

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

Damien, tell your Monkey King that I will happily abdicate… I always found that throne dreadfully uncomfortable.

Damien Mason Damien Mason 2932 posts

Yeah it’s not really suitable for tentacles hey

Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo Patricia Anne ... 282 posts

( I hope I do this right LOL)

Mitchelin Valentino’s story snipits key points in his life. there is a lot more involved and I have most of it written out in novel form. I have 5 paintings so fare and plan to make it 12 in the future.

This was painted in Photo Shop on a blank file set at 300 dpi. This painting is NOT photo generated or photo manipulation.

This Is Mitch. He is my creation. He is was born in Venice Italy. His mother is Italian his father… well your just going to have to wait till I get his first chapter written. His family moved to the states , NYC, when he was 6.
After his father died his mother (never very caring in the first place) took off and he was left alone to bury his father at the age of 9. The only thing of value he had was a black Journal. After reading it Mitch finds out he is much more than just human. The continence of the journal was the history of his grandfather. Not wanting what happened to his grandfather to happen to him, Mitch takes to the streets. He spent his time growing up on the streets where he met an old blues player who taught him to play a guitar and sing the blues. That’s how he got money, singing on the streets and in joints. With his deep soulful voice and good looks getting a gig was easy. But it wasn’t enough, not for the life he wanted.
So being Italian… It was easy for him to find “other” work. He had learned to knife fight on the streets and became quite good. Then he hooks up with a small time drug lord and so it begins his true life of crime, soon Mitch becomes the right arm man for one of the biggest Mobsters in NYC……

Later , at the height of his success, just 18 Mitch unknowingly kills the Godfather’s nephew in a jealous rage, now he’s their target.

(below is a seen told by Mitch when he was introduced into his life of crime aka “Dirty Boy”)

New York, the Bronx, the place is filled with dives over here. Yo I started off playin’ the streets then I get an invite from a Fat bastard named Smokey to come play his joint. He digs that I draw in the crowds, females that is. You see, every sense I’ve been up in there, aint been nothin’ but the dames! LOL Na, it aint that full, The place is a dump! Smokey, he’s always lookin’ for ways NOT to do things, Sept one thing, Not pissin’ me off, He should of paid more attention to that than anything round here.

Fat Boy always lookin’ for a way to get a scam goin’ you know the type. lol. So he’s tring to get invoved with the Itlians, thinki’ Me speaking Italian and looking like I am, I’m gona be his ticket in. He get’s with this small timer, dealin’ drugs, tells me I’m the new “dirty boy” that’s the guy who delivers but don’t piss ‘em off cause I’m one of them.

I do the job. Smokey says “don’t you be late..bla bla” Yo, I tried! I did, but you know the streets, I get jumped right, so I have to kick they ass first, then I get the goods to where they need to be and BOOM I’m late over here,

Smokey, he sees me next. start running his fat mouth. He change the locks on my appartment he rents me upstairs, BUST UP My guitar! MY bread and butter over here! See now that’s when he pissed me off! Talkin’ mess about how I messed up his connections. I messed up all right. I messed up his fat FACE!

Mitchelin Valentino has a history of being a BAD boy. These are his tattoos. The Large bird is from a gang he was once in called The Ravens. The two tattoos on his upper arms and on is back under the raven is the sun rising over water. He got those latter in life after a near- death experience with the mob. A native American boy about his age named David Red-Feather and his grandfather, White Hawk, pulled him out of the river. It was a typical “wack” hit, cement boots and all.

While drowning in the river Mitch sees his dead father (who was a good man) and he speaks to him stating how he needs to change his ways and that there is more to life than what is on this earth.

They mean, “The Son rises above”. The “water” is a series of tiger stripes. this represents his spirit animal, a side of himself he must learn to control or he will forever be in the dark world of the dead, as explained to him by White Hawk, a spirit reader. He also tell Mitch what his father thinks of his past life.

As David and his grandfather nurse Mitch back from the dead he begings to take a great intrest in who they are and what they are about… but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, even if he thinks he wants to learn.

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 745 posts

Great character Patricia :)

Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo Patricia Anne ... 282 posts

Thanks Diana! xoxioxooxxo

Zombie Rust Zombie Rust 388 posts

Wow Patricia, this has potential alright!!!

Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo Patricia Anne ... 282 posts

Thanks Zombie! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo