Drawing and Illustration HQ

Recent Work

  • Swirly Bird by CarolinaMatthes
  • Cool Pigeon by DanielDesigns
  • Black Forest Câteau by Sophie Corrigan
  • Alien Octopus Brain Parasite by stobi
  • Funny dog showing hearts and feeling lucky in love by Zoo-co
  • Bleak by matthewdunnart
  • Taurus by Nikita Horridge
  • The Grand Artist Bizarro by Sorazal
  • Campfire Lady by Sophie Corrigan
  • Libra by Nikita Horridge
  • T is for Turkey by Donna Huntriss
  • A is for... by Nic Squirrell

About This Group

A Drawing and Illustration HQ where we can gather to talk about pens, RSI, saving the world and other pressing matters.

On Your Bike Challenge Winner
Bike Kids by Carla Martell.

Our Current Group Avatar
Chuffa! by Bleee

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