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  • Vanessa  Warren

    Whispers by Vanessa Warren

    Your breath a mere whisper
    in the shadows of my neck
    so you become
    of my skin

    80 words
  • su2anne

    I will not give up... by su2anne

    Does nothing have to be always..
    Can I not undo the wrong
    Turn back the clock
    Unsay the hurt.

    68 words
  • Ian Mooney

    The Banshee's Angel by Ian Mooney

    Banshee screams will pierce the blackest night
    Yet they will not wake the other living dead
    For the screaming lingers only in my mind
    And tempts me like a moth into the flame
    To end my time upon this spi…

    368 words
  • shootback

    Couching It by shootback

    Uncles can be unreasonable. I was blamed for a littering of loose hairs that fell off a stray dog from just up the alley on the north side of the common-way. Uncommonly quick I was unable to offer …

    197 words
  • RC deWinter

    The Lake of No Regret by RC deWinter

    When all the world sends back what I’d forget
    and sorrow wraps me in its dark embrace,
    my rescue is the Lake of No Regret.

    159 words
  • shootback

    Field Trip by shootback

    Don’t leave your dairy cows out in the rain;
    their spots will all run for shelter…
    but they’ll only find pain.

    With four stomachs and just four legs—
    something’s bound to g…

    100 words
  • su2anne

    What could have been by su2anne

    Ride the Heaven’s high to beseech the mountains true
    Forests dark
    Paths entangle
    Lead to doors barred

    64 words
  • juddarwin

    Yes is you!.......23. FINISHED! Still adding some! by juddarwin

    This content is not visible because mature content has been hidden.
    221 words
  • indigo-song

    The Taming Of The Shrew by indigo-song

    a cool Atlantic breeze rises from Biscay
    stirs the heart into the night
    high above in the hills beyond Santander
    staccato strings are plucked for the passion dance

    in the candle lit room
    she waits for h

    212 words
  • RC deWinter

    beyond beauty by RC deWinter

    i have learned
    in a roomful of the beautiful
    the eye is drawn
    to that which is not

    123 words
  • indigo-song

    Without You by indigo-song

    the tempest abates
    a momentary pause
    eternity long

    torn are leaves
    as tattered flags
    resistance spent

    in absence calm
    banked clouds
    within caldera

    glass blue the sky
    life becomes listless
    singular the solitu

    62 words
  • juddarwin

    Election haiku by juddarwin

    both are incumbent
    talking like t’other wants in
    pretends ’e’s favoured


    already one mis
    ’e’s short code for he or she
    still but one side in


    and there’re more women…

    47 words
  • roggcar

    SPACE ! by roggcar

    Have you ever wondered about space and I don’t mean space here on Earth.

    I mean up there in space.

    Does it travel for trillions of trillions of trillions of miles even more than we can count?

    251 words
  • RC deWinter

    living in the badlands by RC deWinter

    there is no place so unforgiving
    that beauty may not be found
    in miles of desolation

    182 words
  • JRGarland

    A Raging Madness by JRGarland

    A raging madness plunders our gasping hearts
    Under mountains trembling in the desert sky
    As passions swell within the tempest moon
    Grabbing grapes in abundance upon the sea

    A riverboat glides at mark tw…

    107 words
  • su2anne

    Blinkered by ignorance by su2anne

    Come said the moon
    Dance upon my soul and together we will sing in the tide
    The rounded belly
    The sweet curve of breast
    Undulated her response

    55 words
  • Writers-Block

    Visions of Beauty by Writers-Block

    The canyon opens up its berth
    And swallows the plains around
    Views of long and vastly wide
    Extensions of hill and rocky formations
    On sunset, orange hues escape my eyes in wonderous delight
    Dawn rises so …

    72 words
  • su2anne

    The investment by su2anne

    An alter spills contrition
    A woman sits astride smears its leavings on a desiccated soul
    A faceless man sees the never mind
    The believers begging his council.

    79 words