I Saw It On the Screen


Recent Work

  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey by VanHogTrio
  • 50th Anniversary TARDIS by VanHogTrio
  • You are always here to me III (multi-color) by childoftardis
  • Tommy by RikReimert
  • Resist by Firepower
  • Bateman by JustCarter
  • Ron by RikReimert
  • It's a Great Day for America Everybody by childoftardis
  • Bitch don't kill my fives - Jordan 5 "OREO" - BLACK by Chigadeteru
  • Behind The Sofa! by Paulychilds
  • The Car's The Star by Paulychilds
  • Old TV minimalist by Braden  Stevenson

About This Group

So many artists base their art on ideas or scenes from films or characters we see every night on the tele, We have come a long way in the motion picture industry and artists have taken cues from the films, the actors, and the music of the cinema and Television. Movie and TV Buffs, this is for you! If your work was inspired, THEMED, or reminiscent of a specific film you saw or something you watched on TV, this is the group for it.

Your inspiration must be listed in title or description – no exceptions.

Other Movie Art groups:
Movie Humor (movie art)
Movie Art (film art)
Film Makers (this group is specifically for movie/tv stills and film makers)
ISODIAWD (super heroes, drawings, illustrations)

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