I Love Italy

This group is dedicated to all those who love Italy, it’s culture, people and sights. Submit your best work to show off Italy and share your passion with all of us


  • Before sunrise by andreisky
  • A Vertical Village. Sicily, Italy by Igor Pozdnyakov
  • The outsider, Pienza, Tuscany, Italy by Andrew Jones
  • Santuario della Madonna del Carmine by Andrea Rapisarda
  • Italian Bell Tower by MaluC
  • University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo Italy by MaluC
  • Stairs to Salute by Tiffany Dryburgh
  • Storybook Rome by Renee Hubbard Fine Art Photography
  • Last autumnal days in the sun - 2 by Daniela Cifarelli
  • Espresso ? by Luca Renoldi
  • Stone Sculptor, Valdobbiadene, Italy by Andrew Jones
  • Agrigento by ciaobella2u
  • Da Marco by Silvia Ganora
  • Valdorcia Sunrise by Marco Vegni
  • Valdorcia by Marco Vegni
  • Reggio-Emilia. A WIndow. Italy 2009 by Igor Pozdnyakov
  • Villa Rufolo by andreisky
  • Murano fondamenta by Maggie Hegarty