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This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

Capture a bird landing on any surface. Some examples would be: a fence, the ground, a branch, a tap, car mirror, a pond or lake etc.

Bird to be close enough to see feather detail.

Judging / Voting Criteria

When voting consider the detail in wings, legs and how spectacular the landing is.

Rewards & Prizes

Your image displayed on our home page for one week and of course bragging rights.

Additional Information

This should be fun. Enjoy!

Cover Image: Splash Landing by Melissa Ann Blair


The Top Ten

Swan simple landing by THHoang

Swan simple landing by THHoang was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • Safe by Mark Bolen
  • Sudden Impact by Martin Smart
  • Sandhill Crane Landing by kurtbowmanphoto
  • "Follow The Leader" by Melinda Stewart Page
  • Caught - Great Grey Owl by Jim Cumming
  • Emergency Landing!! by barnsis
  • Camp Robber by Thomas Stevens
  • Returning to the Nest by David Friederich
  • Making A Splash by naturelover

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