♫ I Got The Music In Me ♫

♫ I Got The Music In Me ♫

Recent Work

  • in and out of train by pugazhraj
  • VINTAGE - WILD - NATURE by Harsh  Malik
  • Another Northern Sole by modernistdesign
  • The Violinist by Ben Loveday
  • Search for your own truth by crystalline
  • Palm Keys and Four Stack - Soprano Sax with Flute by EasterDaffodil
  • Jazzin' in the Street by Malik Jayawardena
  • Live In The Music by modernistdesign
  • Lipping it Up - Gold Plated Embouchure Plate by SunriseRose
  • In a moment of silence by EbyArts
  • Clarinet Mouthpiece - 5RV by VoxCeleste
  • circle by samijaya

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This group is for all of those who totally get into listening to MUSIC while creating their art work, creating images or just taking your image and being inspired by a song to fit with your work…
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