Humorous Illustrations ( NO PHOTOGRAPHY )

Pls read guidelines :For the people that draw, paint or grphc dsngs sorry no photos or manipulated photos that dont fit into the cartoon genre, but would like to showcase their wit and talents in a group focused solely on funny, wity,satirical, no / words

  • Seamless falling ants by Richard Laschon
  • Pi-Rates of the Calculation by pixelman
  • Waiting for Waves by EnPassant
  • Dogs Roole by Nic Squirrell
  • Crab Monsieur  by JayZ99
  • Bold Romantic Proposal for a Queen by Zoo-co
  • Musician's Washing Line 2 by Kerina Strevens
  • Stepping out! by Bleee
  • Zombie Bunny by ComradeMax
  • Retail Therapy by zomboy
  • Disco Fetus by Oran
  • Beetles on Abbey Road ART by Diesel Laws
  • Zombie Santa by Steven Novak
  • Leap of Faith by Paul  Reynolds
  • M Blackwell - The Mutant Child... by IWML
  • Elephellatio by spadaman
  • Oily Sponge by Chris Wahl
  • Hear No Evil by kagcaoili