Human. Animal. Nature./Czlowiek. Zwierze. Natura. (2 per day, approval required)

All about wonderful word of nature./Wszystko o cudownym świecie Natury.


  • Magnolia Heart by Debbie Oppermann
  • flower in bloom in the garden in spring by spetenfia
  • Långe Jan by João Figueiredo
  • Baby and Momma  by Heather King
  • Green breast Mango female Hummingbird by Linda Sparks
  • White Orchids growing in a coconut shell by DAdeSimone
  • Streptopelia risoria by Wizi-Top
  • Streptopelia risoria by Wizi-Top
  • Job 38:41  "Who prepares for the raven its nourishment When its young cry to God And wander about without food? by Laura Puglia
  • White throated Mountain Gem by Linda Sparks
  •  observer by Wizi-Top
  • Violet Crowned Woodnymph by Linda Sparks
  • Swans and Ducks by MaeBelle
  • Draining the polder  by jchanders
  • Vigilant (please read description) by Heather King
  • Spring At The Pond by Debbie Oppermann
  • Purple bales by João Figueiredo
  • Feeding The Threshing Machine by MaeBelle