********HOST & TRAINEE'S TUTORIAL********

Group Rules:

VERY IMPORTANT, you are just a TRAINEE, not a host of this group. You may not make any deletions of any kind (monitoring is an exception) in the group. Your here to train, not run the group. If you make changes without permission, you will not graduate.

TRAINEE’S SHOULD NOT NEED ANY MORE TIME IN THIS GROUP THAN 60 DAYS. All things are simple and basic, easy to learn. It should really only take 30 days, but allowing for computer trouble we make it 60 days.

In this group you will be submitting your works for our trainee co-host to work with in challenge’s and featured works. Please be patient with our trainee’s.

Our challenge’s will only take entry’s for three days and the voting will only be for three days also. Your winning picture will be posted at the bottom of our homepage.
We will not have featured members. That is reserved for our graduate trainee’s.

We accept photography, fine art, digital art, etc.

Trainee’s can’t be a host of more than 2 groups when in training