Horses at Work - Geared up..

Working horses- Geared up..

  • Raising The Dust by Andrew S
  • Blue Moon Rising by Jennifer Saville
  • And they're Off by markmoore
  • horse and carriage by allan hampton
  • donkey, time out by davejw
  • Black Caviar by Jean Farquhar
  • Sunset Ride by Susan  Bergstrom
  • Flying High by TeresaB
  • Splash in the dark by Alan Mattison
  • Barrel Racing - Horse and Rider - Fort Worth - Texas by TonyCrehan
  • Supreme Champion Working Australian Stock Horse, 2012 Royal Canberra Show by Kate Howarth
  • Jumper by BeeVaw
  • Eventer by Michelle Wrighton
  • White water ride by Alan Mattison
  • Serious Horse Power by Marcia Rubin
  • On Parade by Jennifer Saville
  • Dan Joyceln & Brookfield de Bouncer by lulu kyriacou
  • The hooves of horses by HennaGoddess