The dark side of HORROR ... and the fun of it all...

So what horror movie have you watched recently?

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

I watched The Unnamable last night… wonderful, poorly acted, cheesy 80’s horror :-)

yayzus yayzus 4 posts

The creature looked ok from what I remember! wasnt that another very tennous lovecraft linked movie? watched cabin in the woods, really cool but for old movies I watched Death Line about cannibals on the london underground, brilliant movie!

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

The creature make-up is very well done. Most of the Lovecraft based movies are VERY tenuously linked ;-)

I watched quite a good movie recently, The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu. It’s rather amusing, and it’s meant to be!

I haven’t seen Death Line for years! I had it on VHS but it succumbed to damp while in storage, as did many others :-(

Haven’t seen Cabin in the Woods yet.

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5351 posts

I went on a triathlon .. I watched all three of .. The Thing .. the first one was called, The thing from out of space … it looked like a walking cabbage .. I loved the second one with Kurt Russell and the new one which is a prequel was ok .. I enjoyed it

I saw Death Line at the movies when it was first released here in the UK

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

I’ve seen The Thing from Outer Space, it was fun…
The Thing, with Kurt Russell, is a great movie! The creature effects are good, the tension builds up well, and the characterisation is very nicely done… and Kurt’s a badass :-P
I found the prequel to be tedious and poorly executed. It was just a lot of “here’s a big monster, here it is again, oh isn’t it so scary to see a big monster, and look, that’s how that axe got there”… and it didn’t look as good as the 80’s creature either…
Also, it ruins the cliffhanger end of the Carpenter movie in a way I won’t mention as it could spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

WhirlingThunder WhirlingThunder 28 posts

I just saw the remake of a nightmare on elm st. It was not as bad as i thought it would be. Still love the originals, but the new one was pretty good too I must say.

WhirlingThunder WhirlingThunder 28 posts

ps there is only one Robert Englund !!!

John Ryan John Ryan 167 posts

new elm street sucked, i was watching people under the stairs

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

I didn’t like the new ‘Elm St’ either… but then I’ve always been more a fan of Jason than Freddy :-P
Didn’t like the new version of Friday the 13th though, it wasn’t cheesy enough for me…

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

The cheesefest continues… Wishmaster :-D

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

Now to make it a double bill with Wishmaster 2!

I’ll save 3 and 4 for tomorrow…

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

I only managed Wishmaster 3 last night… think I was overawed at the sight of Jason Connery’s ginger beard! :-P

Wishmaster 4 tonight :-)

MrDeath MrDeath 92 posts

Just finished watching Playback, and I can highly recommend… watching something else :-P

Christian Slater’s career isn’t just down the toilet, it’s round the u-bend…