Hometown photography (or Vacation spots) - Please Add Country! 3 per day please!

Group Rules:

Welcome to the Hometown Photography group. Please share images of your hometown or vacation destinations. We look forward to seeing your work! :-)
Please follow these rules and guidelines:

Most important: Please add the COUNTRY, 90% of the images that are denied are due to no country being listed. Your hometown and vacation destinations are accepted.
No studio portraits & No nudity
*3 max uploads per day
*No offensive material. ie: no political stuff, NO WRITING ON IMAGES
*please no domestic animals- we are looking for sites and scenes of different places,
wild animals ok, please submit doggie and kitty shots to other groups!
*If you submit PEOPLE, no portrait like images please, only street people, people within scene of image, a PERSON in a portrait like setting is not showing us the world, ya know? : )
*Add your challenge entries to group before voting- I do this so you can enter challenge when you see it, and them immediately add your image after, HOWEVER, IF you forget to add image, I have to remove to be fair to all!

Group work is NOW moderated, please adhere to rules and submit images of sites around the world!

Please be nice, adhere to rules of etiquette, no smart comments, no rudeness, no crap! If you “hate gossip” don’t participate in it, period.