Hombres Fatal

Photography & Artwork of Men

Recent Work

  • "Coming Down From Black Mountain" by Susan Bergstrom
  • Saxophone and Tuba by wiggyofipswich
  • Dreaming Of The Stars by John Douglas
  • In bed with Marcello! by BOBBYBABE
  • Shane II by RobertCharles
  • Shane III by RobertCharles
  • Paradise Circus - Self Portrait by RobertCharles
  • Camp Coffee and The Girls by Susan Bergstrom
  • Los Tres Hombres by Berns
  • Bliss by Karen01
  • That Face on the Bus by Berns
  • Shane - The Fighter by RobertCharles

About This Group

This group is all about the allure and mystery of the Male… We are looking for Charisma, charm, strength and the head turning presence that men can posess! Images need to be artistic, especially the nudes. We do not allow genitalia showing in our images, there are other groups for that…
We want to see men that get and hold our attention! Show us the gentleness, the strength, the protective nature, the provider, the heroes, the testosterone!
It’s not a matter of good looks, it’s a matter of inner depth and beautiful nature and yes sex appeal is alluring too.

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