The beauty of Historic Places and ways of Transportation all over the World

Unique and Historic

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The Challenge

CHALLENGE OPENS NOVEMBER 1ST. This challenge is for Historic Landmarks or items listed on Historic Registers, found in historic museums, etc. Show us statues, bridges, highways, boats, fountains and cemeteries. Maybe there is a historic building that makes you slam on the brakes and stare…it would be welcome in the challenge…but any building MUST BE UNIQUE. Natural landmarks like the Dorset and the East Devon Coasts, the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, the Frontiers of the Roman Empire, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and the Grand Canyon, are a few examples. Check out the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites for inspiration (a complete list of the sites can be found in the Group Messages under “Information Please”) See what is in your National, State and Local listings. Go out, explore your history and have fun!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the photo or photos that best depict the challenge theme.

Rewards & Prizes

Challenge winner will be the group avatar, and the artist will be featured. The challenge winner will be the permanent Avatar for that challenge. Also, Redbubble has also kindly offered a $20USD voucher to the winner of the challenge. THANK YOU REDBUBBLE!
The top ten photos will be featured.

Additional Information

All photos must be submitted to the group before being entered in the challenge.

Cover Image: Tea Time by AuntieJ


The Top Ten

Tea Time by AuntieJ

Tea Time by AuntieJ was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Lighthouse, Beachy Head by ChelseaBlue
  • South Solitary Island 1 by Jo  Young
  • Petrified Wood Station by Charles Buchanan
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway - India by Siju Doniston
  • Wukoki Pueblo by Terence Russell
  • Columns by Béla Török
  • Union Station by Tim Wright
  • Berry College Mill by Janie Oliver
  • Time Goes By by Britta Döll

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