Historic Churches

A group devoted to showcasing historic churches of the world

Recent Work

  • St. Peter's Baldachin by Dave Cauchi
  • I Trust In You by Ian Mitchell
  • Graffiti and St Martins Cathedral by Graeme  Hyde
  •  Khajuraho, birthplace of the Karma Sutra by John Dalkin
  • Duomo Lecce - Italy by Arie Koene
  • Entering Melk Abbey, Austria by Margaret  Hyde
  • Ceiling in Library, Melk Abbey, Austria by Margaret  Hyde
  • Prelate's Courtyard, Melk Abbey, Austria by Margaret  Hyde
  • Mission San José by zumi
  • Sacred Heart Tower by kalaryder
  • Notre Dame with Garden & Fountain by Michael Matthews
  • Matthias Church, Budapest by Graeme  Hyde

About This Group

The Historic Churches site has been created to encourage others to showcase churches within their community or throughout history. Maybe some have just captured the imagination throughout life or travel. Churches have played an important part in society throughout the ages and have provided a safe haven for many. They have been responsible for the recording of births, deaths and marriages as well as providing education and solace to many. This group will be looking to show the world the beauty, the grandeur or in some instances the humble structures that have been a place of worship for many denominations.

All images are to include the name of the church, where it is located and a short (or long) history of when it was established

Please post your best shots to the group to help make this a real showcase.
Please LIMIT your submissions to three (3) per day

For our Canadian friends or those who have visited Canada … maybe you would like to add your work to the “Canadian Historical & Pioneer Sites Group":http://www.redbubble.com/groups/canadian-histor... – I’m sure the group host, Mike Oxley would love to have your work in the group.

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