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Hipster Haven *2 Per Day*

A group for forward thinking, indie rocking, vintage loving, creative souls.

Recent Work

  • The Future Rocked by Kaitlyn Mikayla
  • Arch 2012 by lroof
  • Signs by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Safe In The Tower by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Today... by Karen  Helgesen
  • I NEVER Did! by Ladymoose
  • Sweet Nostalgia by Suzanne Cummings
  • Dancing with Red Elephants by Tom Norton
  • Grey Nomad... by Carol Knudsen
  • Career.... by Bob Daalder
  • The Fisherman by Sea-Change
  • Home For The Day by Yannik Hay

About This Group

The purpose of our group is to focus on artworks that have a “hipster” vibe. We’re looking for artworks that are trendy, forward-thinking, dreamy, grungy, alternative, vintage, retro, dark etc. Basically anything “hip” or “trendy” (check out the features for examples). Regarding photography, these effects may be achieved naturally or through post-processing. Other mediums will be accepted providing they fit the theme of the group. Check out the group rules for further examples as to what is/isn’t acceptable. Most importantly, we want to inspire you, showcase great artworks by great artists and have fun!!

Winner of the “Dark and Grungy” challenge:

Winner of the “Instagram” challenge:

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