Showcasing the unique aspects of the Himalayan mountains and its peoples.

Recent Work

  • International Rescue by wiggyofipswich
  • The river in the valley under the bridge by NielsEric
  • The Life in Nepal by NielsEric
  • Misty Mountain Rocks by NielsEric
  • Majestic Mountains by NielsEric
  • A long way down by NielsEric
  • Put some snow on top! by NielsEric
  • Sun rays in the himalayas by NielsEric
  • The Himalayan Snow Topped Peaks by John Dalkin
  • Nepalese Flags by John Dalkin
  • Annapurna by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Lhotse by Harry Oldmeadow

About This Group

A group highlighting the beauty of the Himalayan mountains and its cultures

The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world. They run through, Bhutan, China, Tibet, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan. They are the source of three of the world’s major river systems, giving life to almost half the worlds population.
A diverse range of cultures, religions, animals, plants, and landscapes all exist in and because of these huge mountains,
The idea of this group is to showcase all works from or inspired by the unique cultures, religions and peoples of this amazing part of the world.

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