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Herpetofauna of Australia

Aussie reptiles & amphibians

Recent Work

  • monitor - karijini, western australia by col hellmuth
  • Bynoe's Prickly Gecko by EnviroKey
  • Grass Skink by EnviroKey
  • Saltwater Crocodile by Steve Bullock
  • Lace Monitor - Bells Phase by EnviroKey
  • Coastal Carpet Python - Cairns - Australia by Paul Davis
  • Giant Banjo Frog by EnviroKey
  • Copper-tailed Skink by EnviroKey
  • Freedom! by sahoaction
  • Do I Look Alright by weigi
  • Common Scaly-foot (Pygopus lepidopodus) by weigi
  • Western Netted Ground-Dragon by weigi

About This Group

A group purposefully created to showcase the extraordinary diversity in Australian reptiles and amphibians.

Australia has some of the most beautiful and unique reptile and amphibians on the planet, from the Inland Taipan to the Turtle Frog, so c’mon, what Australian reptiles and amphibians have you photographed lately?

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