Heritage in Stone

Heritage in Stone is a group for images and writing about stone, or rock subjects, be they arranged by Man or Nature.

Recent Work

  • The Sham Ruin by lezvee
  • Old Two Story Home by Cynthia48
  • Callanish Early Dawn by lezvee
  • Pillars of the Church #10 by kalaryder
  • South Brent Methodist Church by lezvee
  • Pillars of the Church #11 by kalaryder
  • Callanai - Stones of Mystery #2 by kalaryder
  • Ornate Church in Wilton #12 by kalaryder
  • Magdalen Fields Bell Tower by Tom Gomez
  • Castle Combe  2 by lezvee
  • West Kennet by moonlight by Joe Trodden
  • Church Of St Mary The Virgin, Biscovey by lezvee

About This Group

Heritage in Stone is a group for images and writing about stone, or rock, subjects, be they ‘arranged’ by Man or Nature. The key is that there must have been a human input with significant, visible and deliberate modification or arrangement of the stone in question at some stage in the past.
This may be direct as in a ruined building or a stone-circle or it could be by association such as a specific rock formation revered by some society in antiquity and subsequently altered in a manner which is clear in the photograph. This does not include mountains or canyons or pillars of rock etc.

So, standing stones; dry-stone walls or stone barns (not barn conversions please!); sheep-folds or sculptures are the sort of thing but not stately homes or lived-in castles etc. If you can live in it, this is not the right place:-).

As hosts of the group, Bev and I don’t tend to comment on additions to HiS, so as not to show any bias but don’t feel that your uploads are not appreciated just because you don’t get any feedback from us!

Occasionally we will come across work elsewhere and comment on it without realizing that it’s in the HiS group but this is just chance:-) and we do still add work to our own favourites.

*Group Avatar is Levant Tin Mine at Trewellard, Cornwall’ by Amy Reynolds

Please include as many details as you can about your shots as we cannot be expected to know exactly what your Heritage image is – certainly tell us where it is (even what it is if it’s not obvious!). Any other background or technical information would be ideal. All files without a description will automatically be deleted.

Limits – 2 per day but unlimited in number.


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