Herbal Collection

All living herbs, wild or cultivated (must be edible or used for medicine)

Recent Work

  • Stand Alone Poppy by Marilyn Harris
  • Sunflower & Bees by Marilyn Harris
  • Lavender and Picket Fences by Gabrielle  Lees
  • Pumpkin Flowers by KittenFlower
  • Nasturtium by Ana Belaj
  • Barley by Ana Belaj
  • Pink Wild Crocus by KittenFlower
  • cage dorée by yvesrossetti
  • Field of poppies by Ana Belaj
  • Rosemary Flowers by KittenFlower
  • Bean Flowers by KittenFlower
  • Harmonie by yvesrossetti

About This Group

Plants that are used for medical purposes or that are edible. PLEASE ENTER THE NAME OF THE PLANT IN THE DESCRIPTION!

No ‘common’ vegetables or fruits, or flowers that have only ‘ornamental’ value please (there are other groups for this).

Only living herbs allowed, not dried or chopped, no roots (it’s all right if only the roots are used but show us the plant).

Herbs in nature, in your garden or in containers.

Must be edible or used for medicine, if you have recipes or useful information, put it in the description.

Trees and bushes are allowed if parts of them can be used in the kitchen or for medicine (like Elderberry or Tilia)

Thank you Ana Belay for making us this beautiful banner !

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