HDR - The Purist (no over-processing; painterly; grunge or B&W)

A group for the highest quality HDRs

  • Adams Falls October 2012 by Aaron Campbell
  • Hengifoss by Roddy Atkinson
  • æon flux by phil hemsley
  • Neist Point (2) by Karl Williams
  • Beckamoor Cross by Neal Petts
  • Green Point, Rockpools & The Mount by Garth Smith
  • Ness Glen, Mystical Irish Wood by George Row
  • Orsvagvaer. Evening Mists. Lofoten Islands. Norway. by PhotosEcosse
  • Russell Burn in Winter, Applecross. Scotland. by PhotosEcosse
  • The Two Towers by phil hemsley
  • Altar - Truro Cathedral by Bob Culshaw