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HDR Photography (3 Photos per 24hr-day) MUST INCLUDE HDR DETAILS

This is a group for all people that are interested in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography.


  • Monument Valley Sunrise by J. Day
  • Lower Antelope Canyon by J. Day
  • Church of St Martin by Tom Gomez
  • Foggy Morning by GailD
  • Pickering Parish Church Graveyard by Tom Gomez
  • Boats In The Harbor - HDR by akaurora
  • 1914 Model T Ford - HDR by akaurora
  • An Old Relic Named Bonnie by akaurora
  • 52 Ford Pickup Moody Morning by ChasSinklier
  • Abandoned by Ursula Rodgers
  • That Bridge in Venice by Tom Gomez
  • Stonegate by Tom Gomez
  • River Foss by Tom Gomez
  • Iluka, Western Australia by Elaine Teague
  • Santa Maria della Pietà by Tom Gomez
  • Old Granddad by James Brotherton
  • West turns East on its head by Chris Allen
  • The Silent Clock by Tom Gomez