Hardcore Punk

Old punks never die, they just diversify.

Recent Work

  • Goodson's Rock! by Lilterra
  • Puppet by geneticthreat
  • Wadeford Close , Ancoats, Manchester by sidfletcher
  • Organicoil by edend
  • Robot Love by geneticthreat
  • N.Y.C by geneticthreat
  • Metal - Hey Ho Lego by Lilterra
  • Silent by BOBBYBABE
  • Slave  by BOBBYBABE
  • Freaky boy by BOBBYBABE
  • Impact by Elizabeth Aubuchon
  • Kiss me! by BOBBYBABE

About This Group

Old punks never die, they just diversify!

The impact of Punk and Hardcore on art and literature is immeasurable.
Sadly as people get older they often drop out, or
move on and get involved in other things.
The only criteria for membership of this group is
that you were, or are, involved in the punk or
hardcore scene, and that you submit a journal
entry with a pen portrait of yourself with some
detail of your involvement in the punk or hardcore scene.

See the group rules and join this group here

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