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The winner takes it all Challenge Winner, Winners of the Dusk/Dawn Challenges and some other group news... 2013/02/04

Qnita Qnita 5662 posts

Hello everyone! We have our last voucher winner for the the group, and stunning top 10’s for our Dusk/Dawn challenges.

The Dusk/Dawn top 10’s can now enter the THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL… Challenge. There will no longer be a voucher as reward for this challenge, and me and Numandi will put heads together to see how we can reward our monthly winner…

I rejected many new entries under the TREE Theme. Please, one single tree only. Check out our Stunning Features of round one for this theme. That will give you an idea what to submit for this theme.

The three challenges for TREE is already launched. You have two weeks to enter, and one week for voting. Have fun!!

Congratulations Henry Jager! Your Manta Silhouette sure deserved the win!

Manta Silhouette
by Henry Jager

Well done to the top 10’s!

Congratulations to the top 10’s of our DUSK/DAWN Challenges!

Category 1(Photo realistic – minimal editing) – Dusk / Dawn


CATEGORY 3 (Paintings: Digital and traditional) – Dusk / Dawn

Manon Boily Manon Boily 2967 posts

wow! stunning art here! congratulations to all the artists ;)

Agnes McGuinness Agnes McGuinness 179 posts

Congratulations to the winner, Henry, and all those in the top ten. I’m honoured to be included here, and thanks for the votes. x

Woodie Woodie 336 posts

Congrats to all. I made the Top 10 again. Thanks for all the votes. Cheers Neil

olivia-art olivia-art 80 posts

Congratulations to all artists here. Wonderful work and I am honoured to have my painting in the Top Ten of the challenge.

mkokonoglou mkokonoglou 41 posts

Congrats to everyone for the great art. I am honored to be in the top ten

Ladymoose Ladymoose 1055 posts


MaeBelle MaeBelle 242 posts

Congrat to everyone♥ beautiful work in all themes.I’m happy to see mine in the top ten! WOW!! :o)) God Bless,Mae

Marcelle Raphael ©Southern Belle Studios Marcelle Rapha... 2331 posts

They are ALL so gorgeous, but that winner… WOW OH WOW!

SummerJade SummerJade 1341 posts

Congrats, Henry, your winner is stunning!!
And congratulations to all the Top 10 Winners!
I’m happy one of mine made it. ☺♥♥

TeresaB TeresaB 2441 posts

Congratulations to all!! Such wonderful images!! Henry, a special Congratulations to you for that stunning image!! It was a well deserved win!!

John Poon John Poon 690 posts

Congrats to all the winners :)

Martin Smart Martin Smart 320 posts

Congratulations everyone!

DiNovici DiNovici 9 posts

congrats everyone!

Nicole  McKinney Nicole McKinney 170 posts

Some of the most beautiful images ever are here- Congrats to all and I’m thrilled to be in such company!

Carrie Blackwood Carrie Blackwood 26 posts

stunning images all around… thank you all for participating!

Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3211 posts

Fabulous work by all, congrats!

Themis Themis 3007 posts

Congratulations, all, stunning work around here! Many thanks to the host for their hard work (and also thanks for featuring one of mine – much appreciated!)

patcheah patcheah 883 posts

Stunning work!
Congratulations to all artists!

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3715 posts

Well done, congratulations!!!!! Outstanding work!

aussiebushstick aussiebushstick 143 posts

MY goodness!!!!!! What an awesome collection of photos!!!! Congrats to all who have been featured here. I am impressed.