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1Challenge1Theme: Wildlife

Enter our wildlife challenge!


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Please discuss your challenge ideas here.

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Check out our latest challenge winners here! The top 6 winning works of each challenge are featured on the group home page, and the artist of the top work is featured in the group. Please congratulate our winners!

almost 2 years ago by Bill Wetmore
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over 2 years ago by Bill Wetmore
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Top 10 of all challenges

about 3 years ago by Terri Maddock
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21 days ago by Bill Wetmore
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Galleries of all featured works. Congratulations to each artist who’s works is displayed here! Your work is chosen for it’s quality!

almost 3 years ago by paolo1955
Comment Examples of the Three Categories.
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Here you can view examples of the type of works we want to see in the three different categories.

about 4 years ago by Qnita
Comment Next Challenge ... Ideas?
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As our Lighthouse challenge finishes its last days of voting, I’m reaching out to the 1Challenge1Theme members for ideas … what would you like our next challenge to be?

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